RX_PW_Pn Registers


0x11 – 0x16


The RX_PW_Pn registers are used to set the payload widths for each Rx pipe.


This table is copied from the nRF24L01 product specification (page 56).  Each of the registers, RX_PW_P0 through RX_PW_P5, have the same format.  The RX_PW_P0 register is shown below:

Reset Value
Type Description
Reserved 7:6 00 R/W Only ’00’ allowed
RX_PW_P0 5:0 000000 R/W Number of bytes in RX payload in data pipe 0 (1 to 32 bytes).
0 = Pipe not used
1 = 1 byte

32 = 32 bytes


This configures the static payload widths.  There is an option to use dynamic payload widths, in which the radio calculates the payload width as it receives a packet.  This project uses static payload widths exclusively.

The firmware default for all pipes is 0, even for the pipes that are enabled by default (0 and 1).